Bertan Karaimer

Bertan Karaimer lives in Amsterdam for the last 12 years and is originally from Izmir.

He works in the finance industry, but he was always into music and still is.

In fact all the songs in his debut album “Eski Yeni” (Old New) were composed years ago and were shared on some online platforms in an amateur fashion. Back then those platforms were serving to a relatively limited audience.

Therefore, he wanted to publish those songs in a more professional manner on the new music platforms that recently became mainstream in order to reach all the music lovers.

All the 6 songs in this EP album were re-arranged by the help of Alper Yazici. During this rearrangement process, former riffs motifs and melodies were kept with some slight twists.

The album name is inspired by the refreshment process of formerly composed and recorded music with a more contemporary style

Album’s cover and visual designs are made by Cagil Aygen.